Regarding People's Assumptions, Concept Drawings, And Keeping Our Originality Going.

Are other modest and humble people's assumptions of our intricate and detailed concept drawings worth considering for new interpretations, or will this undermine the value of our visual language becoming more and more original?

Receiving feedback on your concept drawings is a great way to learn and grow. Feedback can provide you with new perspectives and insights. By considering this feedback, you can improve your work and develop new ideas to help you achieve your goals.

Constructive criticism can help you refine your skills. However, not all feedback is helpful or applicable to what we're doing. Listen to feedback with an open and discerning mind, considering the critic's expertise.

You can balance this with preserving your originality. Feedback should be different from your unique vision. Your originality is what sets your work apart. If you strongly believe in yourself, you shouldn't feel threatened by other people's comments. Remember, nothing should undermine the value of your originality. What matters most is that your work resonates with you.