Teller: We went to speak to a therapist about our story and were directed to a host of feelings ... After clearing unnecessary thinking ... we joined a therapy group sitting on chairs arranged in a nice circle ... facing a blank or uninhabited center ... and each other ... Discussing aspects having to do with ~ sleep ... triggers ... coping strategies ... importance of self-care... Stuff like that.
Psychologist Group Leader: Does someone want to share something?

Wend: After writing my first autobiography and having it picked apart by a highly critical and cynical publisher, I feel much more apathetic about English writing.

Group Leader: You care so deeply that the only way to gleam again is to display no interest ... Show with your posture ... facial expression ... speaking style ... no enthusiasm.

Teller: With this culturally diverse group, there are still relaxed faces and, fortunately, not one forehead-to-chin-phony-front ... On to the next subject.

Group Leader: Who in this room early in the morning dreams with eyes wide open, staring at their bathroom mirror covered with humidity condensation, holding anger that varies inside?

Roberto: That has happened a few times.

Kant: What's the point of getting involved with anything concerning that thing?

Marian: With more extraordinary-willed optimism, fate can have blends of lovely hues of mystery ... magic ... and miracles ... Every person's journey pathways also include, at the other end of life's spectrum ~ faults ... fractures ... pride ... power ... and fear ... that has to be lived out to understand it all fully... Trusting the Unconditional Eternal Love of God provides enough Light to lead and guide us to the Ultimate Hope that Makes All Good Things Possible.